Spa Cafe

Enjoy the healthy juices, salads and vegetarian snacks while listening to the enchanting gamelan music, or try our lunch packages with health conscious menus such as :

  • Assorted garden greens with citrus fruits & feta cheese
  • Grilled marinated chicken with yoghurt sauce served with herbal rice
  • Tulip with marinated fruits and sorbet

And many other options that you can choose at the Spa Cafe.

Small bale bengongs with cushions are perfect resting areas to practice yoga or experience specialized reflexology treatments, or just have your afternoon or evening tea.
Body Massage
  • Balinese Massage, 60 minutes US$ 36.00
  • Relaxion Massage, 45 minutes US$ 36.00
  • Exotic Touch, 60 minutes US$ 42.00
  • Siam Sense, 90 minutes US$ 42.0 0
  • Reflexology, 30 minutes US$ 30.00
Beauty Treatment
  • Natural Facial US$ 30.00
  • Clinique Facial US$ 48.00
  • Manicure/Pedicure US$ 22.00
  • Waxing US$ 33.00
Body Treatments
  • Javanese Lulur ( body scrub) US$ 48.00
  • Mandi Rempah ( Body polish ) US$ 48.00
  • Balinese Murut ( Body polish) US$ 42.00
  • Mystery Blend ( Body Scrub) US$ 48.00
Spa Packages
  • Yours Anytime ( 2 hours ) US$ 50.00
  • A Short Break ( 2 hours ) US$ 50.00
  • Sweet Recognition’s ( 3 hours ) US$ 80.00
  • Wonderful Time ( 4 hours ) US$ 90.00
  • Final Touch ( 5 hours ) US$ 100.00


Nestled in the heart of Melia Bali’s famous lush tropical gardens lies the Spa at Melia, a complete spa facility offering a range of therapeutic treatments that combine the best of modern restorative techniques with time honored therapies from Indonesia.

Whether you choose our traditional Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, or Waxing; the staff at Melia is well trained on techniques.


All spa treatments are conducted in total privacy. Every Spa room features Balinese style outdoor bathing facilities. Also available are specially designed rooms for couples.

During your treatment you’ll be invited to enjoy a refreshment at the Spa Cafe which features a creative menu of light, nutritious snacks and meals. Don't forget to visit the Spa Boutique featuring  The Spa at Melia’s exclusive lulurs and Indonesian Jamus available to purchase.

Come and experience the unparalleled variety of body treatments, esthetic, massage techniques and choice of amenities that are available only at the Spa at Melia Bali


Traditional Body Scrub

Traditional body treatment that smooths, softens and exfoliates your skin. Originally from the royal Palaces in Java, this traditional treatment uses turmeric powder.

A Balinese massage with your choice of aromatherapy oils will start the treatment. The lulur scrub is next followed by a yogurt rub for the whole body.


For your reservation or further information, please contact Danny Sridana:

Phone: (62 0361) 243486
24 hrs phone call: 0812 3914 438
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