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Dear visionbali visitors,

I am Nyoman Danny Sridana, born in Bali, Balinese. we was establish Vision on January 2001. it provides information generally for export - import and the information about tourism in Bali, cultures, places of interest, hotels / accommodation and other related information for visitors or traveller to Bali "'The beauty island of God". Our team have been working in sector tourism (hotel reservation, Travel agent - Tours guide) and export - import for long periode, although our company is new

Vision Bali is multi service company, Destination Management Company under PT. Visionbali with Internet network and with onlinebooking system through our website and

wea are provides services for visitors :

  • Bali Travel Services (Please clik every single link for detail in our Tourism info Website!! in English and here in Spanish)
    - Hotel reservation for all recommended hotels throughout the archipelago
    - Honeymoon package,
    - Airport - hotel transfer,
    - Package Tours & Overland package Tours,
    - Adventure tours reservation (sea cruises, white water rafting, mountain & jungle trekking, etc),
    - Special interest program,
    -Other tourism related service

The Experts - We have engaged the services of a team of experts on Indonesia and the worldwide source markets. They are available to assist you in planning individual, group, series, special interest and incentive programs suited to your client's budget.

The Transports - In addition to its own and its sister companies fleet of car, minibus, microbus, and large coach, we have the access to large fleets of vehicle at competitive rates.

The Guides - Together with its own highly trained guides, VISION BALI maintains a comprehensive list of qualified English, Spanish speaking guides and other lenguage freeland speaking guide trained to provide service to client from all over the world.

  • Bali handicrafts Suppliers
    (Please clik every single link for detail in our Bali handicrafts suppliers Website !!) We can produce custom orders to suit our clients needs and are also able to develop new products and designs. We have numerous inquiries from people who have been to Indonesia and shipped back containers of products to sell from warehouses or at markets and fairs. If you are interested, we can accommodate your orders for items not shown in our catalog, especially for Balinese handicrafts.

  • Handicrafts buying Agents
    (Please clik every single link for detail in our Buying agenst info) If you are interested, we can accommodate your orders for items not shown in our catalog, especially for Balinese handicrafts. If you'd like us to act as your buying agents here, 
    we can probably get better prices and quality than you have been able to find by yourself. In any case, we'll be happy to arrange shipments from manufacturers you already using. You'll find that there won't be a big price difference, after you include your savings on transportation, lodging and hassle. and also we are handling for shipping to any destination.

The Products - These are tailored to the specific requirement of world wide buyers and their clients. We offer a diverse selection of programs some of that are featured on the following pages. All can be adapted to your needs and those of your clients.


VISION BALI is catering to the needs of the diverse worldwide markets backed up by the expertise and resources of our well trainde staff. The Company - PT. VISION BALI is based at Visionbali Building 3rd floor, Jl. Tukad Badung XXIII/47 Renon Denpasar, Bali and has a nettwork all over. also in here we have handicrafts and Furniture show room. our office open from Monday - Saturday at 08.00 - 17.00 and we have 24 hrs contact at 7 days in a week. our contact in here!!, If you need person to do your related work on our business in Bali don't Doubt to contact us you can trust us to handle your necesary, if you have chance to come here please visit us in our own building house and office at our address mentioned.

With an emphasis on flexibility and personal attention to the individual needs of the clients we look forward to continue working closely with you in order to give you and your clients the satisfaction you deserve. Please let us know your additional needs for tailor-made tours, andventures, culture, natures and safaris. As the tourism infrastructure develops we are able to introduce you and your clients to more and more of our beautiful island home and archipelago.


We look forward to being in close contact as ever and over the coming year!

"Om Çanti, Çanti, Çanti, Om"

Yours sincerely,

Nyoman Danny Sridana

Visionabali Showroom 1 | click here to view VisionBali Building and showroom 
Show Room I

Jalan Tukad Badung XXIII/27 Renon
Denpasar 80226, Bali-Indonesia
Phn: +62 361 7801706
Fax: +62 361 7800536

Show Room II

Manik Galih
Special Bamboo Crafts
Jalan Raya Sapat, Tegalalang,
Tegalalang Ubud Bali - Indonesia
Phone : +62 798 7667

VisionBali Dry Kiln

We care with quality strictly, we have to
quite moisture by own dried kiln