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Balinese Silver Jewellary
Group 1

We strive to bring you the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price. You will find that our jewelry is one quarter to one fifth the cost of gold Bali jewelry -- and the difference in quality is imperceptible! Traditional Bali Jewellary Bali jewelry dates back many centuries and represents the rich tradition of Bali dress and adornment.

Weighing from 5 to 100 grams (including necklace, pendants, and earings), our Bali jewelry is hand-crafted by the most skilled artisans

on group 1 special for necklace and bracelet

Code: sil-001
Code: sil-017
Code: sil-018
Code: sil-019
Code: sil-021
Code: sil-020
Code: sil-022
Code: sil-023
Code: sil-016
code ; sil-002B

Code: sil-071-necklace
others view

Code; sil-050-bracelet

code; sil-003B-bracelet

Code: sil-005B-bracelet

Code: sil-001-CH

code: sil-004-B-bracelet


code; sil-072-bracelet


code : sil-074--bracelet

code: sil-075-bracelet

Code: Silver-1001

Code: Neclace-001B

Code: Neclace-002B

Bracelet Group 2

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